Ireland Family Name

When I received a junk email with a list of Ireland names on it, I had the idea to setup a web site to see who would contact me.

The surname Ireland is actually very unusual as most surnames are related to trades, locations or personal attributes. Although Ireland (as in the country) is a place I believe this to be a modern rather than ancient Gaelic name. Making it unlikely we are named after the place.

I you look here you will find a scroll of names, claiming the name originates from the North of Scotland. However Tom Ireland says states "the name IRELAND according to my aunts is Nordic" and means pebbly beach.

Anyway, if you are interested in finding out more about the Ireland name as I am, if you can contact me and send me your information I will coordinate it on this Web site.

Lets hope we get some useful facts

Paul Ireland

Classic Engines, Modern Fuel

For all those "petrol heads" with the name Ireland, Paul has published a book Classic Engines, Modern Fuel - the Problems, the Solutions. for anybody interested in classic vehicles.

Words & Pictures Videos

You can find recordings of the children's series Words & Pictures here. These feature our namesake.